2017 Reading Challenge: Are you intimidated?

2017-reading-challengeHappy new year! After the fear and uncertainty of 2016, I have decided to face up to a little more of my own this year, and as you might expect – that even extends to reading! I was looking at my book shelf and I realized that most of the books I read are physically smaller than the ones I haven’t. I am challenging all of us in the ShelfieGeneration, myself included, to pick up those books that have been intimidating. In my case, obviously, it is gigantic books;  the inclusion of huge fictional sagas, in-depth biographies and history books prove that it is not the subject matter. Although page for page, I have read more than these 12 books combined each year for a while now, I still have subconsciously left these dauntingly LARGE books on the shelf. This year, I am going to read one “gigantic” book every month. 

Starting today, go pick up a book that you have wanted to read but felt too intimidated. Astro-physics? The entire King James Bible? That children’s book in French that you aren’t sure you’ll understand? Whatever it is, now more than ever is the time to stretch ourselves. What will you read this year?


3 thoughts on “2017 Reading Challenge: Are you intimidated?

  1. Big thick books loaded with wisdom, you got it, Ben. Just finished ‘Black Elk’ by Joe Jackson (599 ages) — the best history of the Lakota I’ve ever read, it focus on the life of an amazing man, first revealed in the 1930’s book ‘Black Elk Speaks’ by John Neihardt.

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  2. Intimidating indeed! Funny how we subconsciously avoid the giant books- so more power to you for going for them! I got Dark Money (and a few other giant books) for Christmas so I really want to read that one as well. Now the question is- to read the giant book version, or download it onto my kindle…..hehehe.

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  3. I just read White Trash!! It was so good! I actually read it pretty quickly because I thought it was so fascinating (: In fact I just finished reading a book less than 200 pages which took me just about as long cause it was dense haha! Also really want to read Dark Money, I saw her talk a few months ago and she was fascinating (:

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